Save on banking

Westpac has developed a range of preferential merchant and terminal deals in partnership with the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce. These special deals are aimed at giving you the best value across your merchant and EFTPOS terminal business.

Westpac Merchant Services
You could benefit from reduced credit card processing costs:Electronic (face to face*)⇒1.55% if the average transaction size is greater than $150⇒ 1.85% if the average transaction size is less than $150* Establishment fee and minimum monthly service charges apply.

Westpac lease the latest compliant and fully maintained EFTPOS terminals at very competitive rates on 36-month terms, and have deals with New Zealand's largest EFTPOS suppliers. Westpac can effectively bundle your credit card facility, EFTPOS terminal rental, ETSL Paymark service fee and consumables. This is supported with a 24-hour helpdesk, single billing of all services and is backed by the safety and security of Westpac.

To find out more about how you could start enjoying these special deals just contact the Westpac team on 0800 888 066 ('option 3') or at and say you're a member of the Raglan Chamber of Commerce.

Freephone: 0800 888 066